How to Reduce the Mosquito Population in Your Yard this Spring!

Spring is here and mosquitoes are out for blood, literally! The COVID-19 quarantine has many at home who want to enjoy the yard now more than ever. The last thing anyone wants to deal with are pesky disease carrying mosquitoes when trying to kick back! Below are some simple steps you can follow to take back your yard from these unwanted blood sucking pests! 

Steps to tell the mosquitoes to get lost include but are not limited to:

  • Remove all standing water on the property! Have you changed out the water in your bird bath lately? Clean gutters and ensure they drain properly so as not to create standing water! All water features should have circulating water! If needed, consider adding over the counter larvicides or if you prefer seek the assistance of a pest professional! Buckets, bowls, kids toys, pet pools, and things like old tires should be emptied and removed promptly. Fill holes in trees!
  • Give the ole yard a trim! Looking for something to fill the time? No better time than now to knockout this summers landscaping! Well kept bushes, shrubs and other lawn vegetation are able to dry thorough in the sun, provide less shade for hiding mosquitoes and receive preventative mosquito mist applications much better than those that are not well kept! Try to keep vegetation trimmed about 18 to 24 inches from the home to allow for optimal drying and airflow! 
  • Plant some herbs and unleash your inner gardener! When was the last time your hands worked the earth? Believe it or not many of the plants commonly found in most herb gardens are no friend of the mosquito! Plant lemon thyme, basil, lavender, lemon balm, lemon grass, garlic, rosemary, peppermint, oregano, cat nip and more! Plant plenty of citronella plants and marigolds throughout the yard for another layer of plant defense!
  • Grab your torches and get the air moving its WAR! Have an outdoor living space such as a patio or deck that must absolutely be a no fly zone for mosquitoes? Set up a perimeter with citronella torches and candles all around the hot zone known as your patio! Finally, use household fans, ceiling fans and garage fans to keep the air moving throughout your living space! Mosquitoes do not do well with strong air current!
  • Consider hiring a pest professional!  Still not seeing satisfactory results? A pest professional can survey your home, property and vegetation to develop a sound mosquito management plan that may consist of mist blow insecticide applications to vegetation, larviciding of ponds and standing water areas, as well as baiting in some instances. 

Take a look at what a mosquito service can do for you!

Now you can take back your yard and enjoy outdoor time again with family during the COVID-19 quarantine! There is no need for cabin fever anymore! If you are living in the Northwest Florida Panhandle and would like further information on mosquito control or would like to schedule a pest control inspection and/or service please message us on our home page or call 850-860-7558 today! 

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