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AllTrust Pest Control

AllTrust Pest Control, locally owned and operated out of Gulf Breeze, FL provides pest control service along the Florida Gulf Coast from Fort Walton Beach to Pensacola and everywhere in between. AllTrust Pest Control is fully licensed and insured. Started in 2018 by Austin Scott, AllTrust Pest Control was created to provide knowledgeable, friendly, and trustworthy pest control service to the area. The name really does say it best; AllTrust Pest Control is the pest control you can trust!

Austin Scott, founder and owner of AllTrust Pest Control, is licensed to practice structural general household pest control as the certified operator for AllTrust Pest Control in the State of Florida. Mr. Scott has over six years of pest control industry experience having worked for one of the largest pest control firms in the world where he served customers of all sizes including fortune 500 companies across a multitude of industries. Mr. Scott has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and other pest control certifications in the State of Alabama. Mr. Scott successfully completed Purdue University’s Introduction to Integrated Pest Management program to kick off the beginning of his pest control career. Since then, Mr. Scott has dreamt of a way to mesh customer service with sound technical skills to create a local pest control firm with service you can trust!

Unknown to many, the employee turnover rate in the pest control industry is extremely high. The industry average tenure for a pest control technician is approximately 2.5 years and many pest control companies retain customers for just over a year. This turnover is unnecessary and burdensome to all stakeholders. It is not only a pain but very expensive for a customer to hire out another pest control firm or even multiple pest control firms until they find one that fixes their issue. When a pest control company sends its undereducated and inexperienced technician(s) to a home or business on your time and dime, services often get performed incorrectly, results are often unsatisfactory, and no one wins but the pest!

AllTrust Pest Control seeks to effectively communicate, educate and engage its customers through its use of educated and experienced integrated pest management professionals who combat pests utilizing the industry’s leading pest products and integrated pest management practices. At AllTrust Pest Control we know the success of any pest control service plan is not only dependent upon the knowledge and technical skill of the technician but also the trust that exists within the client/service provider relationship. All AllTrust Pest Control services are communicated from start to finish with our clients discussing everything including the pests involved, the control process, and products that will be used. Your technician will always discuss the needed safety precautions you must take before and after your service, the price of your service, the scheduling of your next service and what to expect following your service. AllTrust Pest Control is dedicated to your complete satisfaction and earning your trust!

Prep Sheets

Have a pest problem we need to address immediately? Don't forget to download, and observe the instructions in these important prep sheets, so that service runs quick and smooth.