How to Reduce the Mosquito Population in Your Yard this Spring!

Spring is here and mosquitoes are out for blood, literally! The COVID-19 quarantine has many at home who want to enjoy the yard now more than ever. The last thing anyone wants to deal with are pesky disease carrying mosquitoes when trying to kick back! Below are some simple steps you can follow to take … Read more

Yikes! Holiday Hitchhikers!

It is officially Thanksgiving week and Black Friday, the largest shopping day of the year is just days out. As eager shoppers await deals, packages sit waiting to be shipped in large warehouses across the globe. Warehousing and transportation provide ample opportunity for insects and rodents to infest consumer packages. These packages are then sent to all corners of the globe before they end up in a home or office near you with pests eager to move about after a long journey!

Rodent Proofing Your Home/Business for Winter

During the summer months rodents, consisting of rats and mice, find abundant food, shelter and water outside with plenty of warmth. During cooler months and those weeks leading up to them, food becomes scarce and rodents begin to find new places to live and eat.