Christmas Tree Pests!

What pests are living on your Christmas tree?

Christmas is here and it is time for family gatherings, holiday parties, gift shopping and to put up the Christmas tree! Christmas tree decorating is one of the most observed holiday traditions of all time, usually bringing fun for the whole family. Before you put up that Christmas tree, it is best to make sure you don’t have any unwelcomed pests residing on your tree. The last thing you want to do is to bring your tree inside, get it decorated only to realize there are pests living on your tree! Possible Christmas tree hitchhiking pests include but are not limited to aphids, psocids, mites, bark beetles, lady beetles, foraging ants, spiders, and more!

By no means should you let hitchhiking pests spoil your Christmas decorating cheer! There are some easy precautions you can take to help prevent unwanted pests from coming home with your tree.

Things to know:

  • Christmas trees come from outside. It is not uncommon to find a least a few pests on any tree you select so don’t panic!
  • Know that pests on your selected tree may be dormant due to colder temperatures but will rejuvenate when brought inside to your warm home or office!
  • If you find pests on a tree your about to purchase, know that the other surrounding trees may likely have pests too!
  • Many of the leftover, uncaught, pests need the tree for survival and will likely die off once the tree is removed from the home at the end of the season.

Actions you should take:

  • Inspect your Christmas tree before cutting it down or purchasing it from the stand!
  • Have your tree shaken out at the time of purchase with a tree shaker usually found anywhere Christmas trees are sold. This will knock many of the hitchhiking insects out of the tree!
  • Consider leaving your tree in quarantine for a day or two before bringing it inside. This gives the hitchhiking insects plenty of time to leave the tree!
  • Personally, shake the tree before bringing it inside even if you had the tree shaken at the tree lot!
  • Vacuum around the tree after decorating and daily throughout the Christmas season to collect any insects that have fallen out of your tree.
  • If pests are of great concern to you, consider purchasing a fake Christmas tree this holiday season!

Don’t let unwanted and unsightly pests put a damper on your holiday decorating game this year!

From everyone at AllTrust Pest Control, Merry Christmas!

Remember to shake, shake, shake, … shake, shake, shake, … shake that Christmas tree!

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